What Are The Differences Between WIFE and GIRLFRIEND?

Posted by Chatra Jaya Luigi Thursday, June 4, 2009

One day, a 15 years old boy names Richie come to his dad and asked " What are the differences between WIFE and GIRLFRIEND, Dad? "

His daddy think for a while and than said : " Do you know what the function of Television and Handphone? "

Richie said " Off course dad, i know! "

His daddy replied : "My dear,
  • Wife is a Television - meanwhile Girlfriend is a Handphone.
  • At home watch Television - meanwhile go out, bring Handphone.
  • No money, sell TV - meanwhile if you got money, change the Handphone.
  • Sometimes enjoy TV - but most of the time play with Handphone.
  • TV is free for life - but Handphone, if you don't pay, services will be TERMINATED!!!
But I suggest you to be careful with both, my dear son!"


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