Can You Guess Which Is A Chic-boy or A True Lady?

Posted by Chatra Jaya Luigi Friday, June 5, 2009

In the grey box, enter "chic" or "dick" (without the quotes). The right answer will appear in the light blue box.

The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your score after the last picture.

You complete mincer! How dare you call yourself a friend of mine. I bet you've rubbed many 'Big Clitorises' in your time……….Poof!

What's your excuse? It was dark. You were drunk. Your dad told you birds have cocks! You really need to get your eyes and head examined before you next chat up any birds. Oh and don't ever talk to me again!

Not too shabby but still wouldn't want to bump into you in a dark alley when I've got my dress on! You only just have a more than 50% chance of pulling a bird and not a bloke. Sleep on that!

Well Done. A few little mistakes is acceptable, won't hold it against you. As long as you realise the error of your ways. At least when push comes to shove so to speak, you can be relied on not to make a complete cunt of yourself.

Brilliant! No flies on you. Rest assured you'll never have the problem of shagging a bloke instead of a bird.

Download the files here.


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